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MISSHAPEN "Transcendence"

MISSHAPEN What the press is saying:

"A lot of really cool stuff comes from Canada. Poutine, Tim Hortons, the REAL A&W, mountains, moose, and lots of really sick metal bands. Some of my favorite metal bands are actually Canadian: Archspire, Beyond Creation, Beneath the Massacre, and Gorguts to name a few. Hailing from Ottawa, Ontario, Misshapen continues with the trend of high-quality Canadian metal in their brand new music video for the track “The Swarm” off of their upcoming EP Transcendence. This track features a really cool and unique blend of technical death metal, black metal, death metal, and melodic death metal. Really digging the vocals and the visuals in particular with this band. It is somewhat reminiscent of my favorite years in Dimmu Borgir’s sound." - GearGods

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    March 04, 2019

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