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Niezgal "Stogn z Niebyćcia"

Niezgal Fortunately, only very few individuals were aware that, before committing suicide, Stogn left draft guitar recordings for the upcoming NIEZGAL album. After three years of insane sound-engineering and recording work done by P.Z. (bass, lyrics) and guest members from Niemaracz, the band's true epitaph is now complete! Beware: 100% of the guitar parts on this opus were recorded by Stogn himself! The rest of the recording was finished during Samhain 2018 a.b. in Niemaracz Den.

Released as six-panel digi-CD limited to 333 copies.

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Tags:  NIEZGALThrash metalBelorussianNewest ReleaseStogn ź niebyćcia

    February 12, 2019

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