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ONSET Unstructured Dissemination Weird Truth Productions 28 November 2018

Onset Singaporean two-piece atmospheric doom outfit ONSET's debut EP, Unstructured Dissemination, bridges a fine line between doom, post rock and even death/black metal elements. The EP is available on CD format under the banner of Japanese doom specialized label Weird Truth Productions. This EP Features Sigh mastermind Mirai Kawashima and Singaporean darkwave prodigy Microchip Terror on synthnoises.
The “Unstructured Dissemination” EP showcases two imposing tracks clocking at over 25 minutes in length, as well as an undaunted attempt to record them in a completely live and rehearsal-like environment.

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Tags:  ONSETPost/Atmospheric/Experimental DoomSingaporeDebut EP“Unstructured Dissemination”

    December 28, 2018

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