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A sad day for all old metal-heads that have grown up with the outstanding drummer and new metal novices just discovering the old master of poetic metal for the first time.

Geddy Lee confirms that Neil Peart hasn’t just retired from playing in the group “Rush” but that he’s also no longer playing drums.

The famous Canadian band has been on hiatus since 2015 while promoting their R40 tour and Neil has recently confirmed that his health problems are causing him to be no longer able to play the Drums that he is so famous for legendarily bashing.
The band's siren song , as it were, has happened because of drummer Neil Peart's tendinitis and diminishing physical abilities.

"My style of drumming is largely an athletic undertaking," Peart wrote in a farewell piece published in Drumhead Magazine. "Like all athletes, there comes a time to … take yourself out of the game."

So run don't walk to the computer to order as many Rush albums as you can before the great collapse of society where you will no longer be able to buy Rush albums.

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    December 25, 2018

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