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Contra Mundum, the new album from Sweden's progressive death mongers MOURNING SIGN, is out now on Orchestrated Misery Recordings

Mourning Sign has already achieved more than most bands ever do in 666 lifetimes. After 24 years in the business, this Swedish Death Metal band is still blowing our eardrums completely out! The latest incarnation of pleasure/pain is called "Contra Mundum" and it's blaring in my earholes as we speak! Super hard stuff with a fantastic melody to believe in. I can't get enough of this manic group and it's epic hardness. The pounding track "Dualism" is practically a love song to fans of the group. The tight cord work from the guitars(Kari Kainulainen Thomas Gardh and Petri Aho)takes us on a moon metal trip to a silver planet of hard ass break downs and looping riffs.
Recorded in the year 2018, this release is limited to only 500 copies, and features some incredible guitar work from Kari Kainulainen and Petri Aho.

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    December 20, 2018

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