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UK's Crawling for Carrion Release Debut EP

Crawling For Carion Album cover UK-based project Crawling for Carrion prepares to release its two-track debut, a cover EP entitled Rake and Roads. Featuring sludgy adaptations of “Rake” by Townes Van Zandt and “Roads” by Portishead, it will be available digitally on November 9, 2018 through West’s label Giganto Records. A limited number of lathe-cut 10” records with hand-printed and numbered sleeves will be available through pre-order only.

Crawling for Carrion is the brainchild of UK multi-instrumentalist Chris West (Stubb, Trippy Wicked, Landskap, Glanville, etc.) who handles guitar, bass, and production for the project. “Rake” features Jake Harding of Grave Lines on vocals and Thomas Kurek (Wight) on drums. The formidable Chantal Brown of Vodun helms the vocals for “Roads,” joined by Pete Holland (Elephant Tree) on drums and Tom Hobson on lead guitar. Interpreted with “an eye toward bringing out an inner heaviness that’s been there all along,” these two tracks represent a powerful start for a project with high expectations.

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About Crawling for Carrion
Rake and Roads is the first in a series of releases from Crawling for Carrion. The UK-based project is spearheaded by UK multi-instrumentalist Chris West (Landskap, Trippy Wicked, etc.), and reinterprets “Rake” by Townes Van Zandt and “Roads” by Portishead with an eye toward bringing out an inner heaviness that’s been there all along.

Releasing through his own Giganto Records and handling production, bass and guitar, West is joined by a rotating cast in Crawling for Carrion. Jake Harding (Grave Lines) handles vocals and Thomas Kurek (Wight) drums for “Rake,” while drums on “Roads” were played by Pete Holland (Elephant Tree), and vocals helmed by Chantal Brown (Vodun) and lead guitar by Tom Hobson (Stubb). Rake and Roads will be issued as individual lathe cut 10” records and only available on a preorder basis. The sleeves will be individually printed and numbered by artist Emmett Casley from a linocut.

Chris West launched Giganto Records in 2017 as a platform to release music that he writes and records himself under various names. Best known for playing in Stubb and Trippy Wicked & the Cosmic Children of the Knight, in recent years he has also played with Landskap, Glanville and Named by the Sun.

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    September 30, 2018

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