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ERYN NON DAE New Album Details Revealed

ERYN NON DAE The artwork and full tracklisting of ERYN ON DAE.'s upcoming fourth opus, "Abandon Of The Self", are now revealed.

This hybrid creature born from a fascinating tripartite marriage between MESHUGGAH, TOOL and GODFLESH, delivers complex and brutal structures while at the same time adding doses of dark and apocalyptic moods, keeping you addicted.

Mixed and mastered by Mobo at Conkrete Studio (THE GREAT OLD ONES, LOUDBLAST), "Abandon Of The Self" contains 7 impressive and claustrophobic compositions :

01 - Astral
02 - Stellar
03 - Omni
04 - Eclipse
05 - Halo
06 - Fragment
07 - Abyss

"Abandon Of The Self" will be released on March 9th by Debemur Morti Productions on Gatefold CD, Gatefold 2x12" LP and Digital. A teaser is available at here.

ERYN NON DAE. formed in 2001 under the name END. and worked on their musical expression until early 2004.

Their meeting with Mobo from Conkrete Studio during their first couple of gigs brought them to his studio in Bordeaux, summing up this first era with the recording of The Never Ending Whirl Of Confusion in 2005.

Critics then were unanimous in their high regard for the musical quality of the band, also describing ERYN NON DAE.’s live show as being « as aurally oppressive as being crushed by a steamroller ». This presence was crucial in spreading their name via live performances with the likes of Gojira, Pelican, Klone and High On Fire, among others, and allowing them to play the 2007 Hellfest.

While writing their next record Hydra Lernaïa, they wished to emphasize the effect of the previous record, naturally digging through darkness and chaos while songs became more progressive.

As per its mythological definition – the mythical nine-headed serpent, slain by Hercules, that grew two heads in place of each one that was cut off, unless the wound was cauterized – Hydra Lernaia explores nine human feelings as many-sided problems that present new difficulties each time one aspect of them seems to be solved or overcome. Each song is a feeling; each feeling is an incurable disease that tortures the heart of man.

With a worldwide release through MetalBlade records in 2009 the band changed their name from END. to ERYN NON DAE..

The band increased their audience and started playing festivals such as the Euroblast in Germany and across Europe with bands like The Ocean, Kruger, Hacride and more…

The writing process for Hydra Lernaïa's successor began quickly in 2010, the band delving further into ambiances, dynamics and contrasts with the feeling that they were able to explore something else.

Doors were opened on each record and Meliora brought some light to the canvas.

Through a long and demanding recording process, ERYN NON DAE. and Mobo took time to craft a varied album which requires active listening and requests attention from the listener.

Meliora was released in 2012 and allowed the band to go back on the road with the likes of Gorguts, friends Gorod or Nero Di Marte and to headline their first UK tour.

They played festivals such as the SWR fest in Portugal or the Impetus Festival in France and returned to the Hellfest in 2013.

The band were already thinking about a new record but the will to not repeat themselves made this a lengthy project. 2014 and most of 2015 were spent with only a few gigs, discussions and few rehearsals.

Though the writing process had always started with Yann and Franck’s guitar riffs, a different course of action was taken this time and songs began to pop up as the band worked with a more limited collective based on Mickaël and Julien, guitars became more textured and noisy, electronics appeared and Mathieu explored some new directions with vocals, while lyrics were getting more universal.

These textured new songs led the band back to considering the possibility of a new record.

Through a fresh and unusual recording process with their long time collaborator Mobo, Eryn Non Dae. embarked on a new chapter of their journey started sixteen years ago.

France’s ERYN NON DAE. is something unique, groundbreaking, and offers a new perspective on extreme metal. They forge a signature sound all their own. Their ever evolving brand of extreme music delivers complex and brutal structures while adding doses of dark and apocalyptic moods. Their creativity, power, and aesthetics will add something fresh to the metal genre.

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    January 10, 2018

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