GRAFVITNIR's 'Keys to the Mysteries Beyond' Is Out Now

GRAFVITNIR With the band's fifth album, GRAFVITNIR are back from the frostbitten shadows of Scandinavia to eternally ignite the concealed spiritual Fire of the descendants of the Serpent, and to obtain the ancient Keys to the Mysteries Beyond. Ten pitch-black and ferocious anthems, permeated by the blazing Gnosis of Pleroma, carried by the freezing Night Winds from the most bewildering and furthest edges of Beyond. Blistering cold Scandinavian Occult Black Metal fiercely performed and crowned with a haunting piece of art from Daniele Valeriani.

Mastered by Devo Andersson of Endarker Studio Sweden
Lyrical contribution by Draugr

Layout design by O.O.
Compositional contribution by Chadwick St. John of Inkshadows





1. Nidhögg

2. Key to the Mysteries Beyond

3. Vargavinter

4. Crossing the Abyss

5: Eternity's Glistening Black

6. Journey Into Storms

7. Unleash the Storm of Nothingness

8. Eye of Lucifer

9. Whispers of the Primordial Sea

10. Glimpses of the Unseeable

GRAFVITNIR is a Scandinavian Occult Black Metal constellation from the dark forests of Sweden.

GRAFVITNIR was formed in MMVII and consists of active practitioners, adepts and occultists within the Luciferian tradition.

The main purpose of the band is to act as a herald for the Chaosophical tradition of dark, forbidden fruits.

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Format DigiCD and T-shirt

LP to be released later 2018

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Date: Dec 26, 2017
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