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NOVAREIGN For those in the know, Southern California’s Novareign have been steadily and surely building a buzz and reputation for themselves in recent years. The group has become a fixture with energy-abounding live shows filled with nonstop shredding guitar interplay and powerful traditional metal vocals. Having honed their attack and lineup, the band are now ready to march forth internationally Feb. 16th with their debut full-length, Legends, an hour-plus of shred-tastic, over-the-top, epic power and progressive metal.

Metal Assault defined Novareign as “nothing short of supremely impressive… [they] appear to have all the ingredients to carry the torch for years to come.” Influenced by bands like Iron Maiden and Dream Theater to Dragonforce and Angra, this is the new age of Progressive Power Metal telling stories in musical literature speaking to a generation influenced by epic fantasy tales, comic books and video games. Showcasing these qualities is the first emphasis track and already a fan-favorite, “Beyond the Cold”. Listen now here.

“The reason the song was chosen first was because it’s a perfect example of our accumulative taste and talents, tailored into a traditionally structured piece,” explains guitarist Danny Nobel. “The song uses clean vocals featuring harmonies, an odd time signature breakdown and shredding guitar solos with a climactic hook. These are elements in music that are featured throughout the album but are all present within the one song. ‘Beyond the Cold’ should do well in getting a listener prepared for the rest as it gives them a good idea what they're in for.”

Legends will be released on CD and digitally and is already available for pre-order from the label’s webshop at HERE.

“The art was based off an idea I had pitched to have giant statues of god-like figures in an astral plain,” explains Danny. “Our bassist, Moises, took the idea and created the drawings you’ve seen so far. The characters are all based on warriors and mythical beings, which represent themes of courage, heroism, strength and virtue. These are characteristics and themes of the overall album. That along with a cosmic decor.”

Recently Novareign was a finalist in the battle to get a spot on this year’s Knotfest Meets Ozzfest, and in January they will support White Wizzard on a run of U.S. dates.


12/16 - Winterfest @ Malone’s – Santa Ana, CA w/ Holy Grail & Thrown Into Exile
12/31 - Five Star Bar – Los Angeles, CA
1/11 - Brick By Brick – San Diego, CA w/ White Wizzard
1/12 - Beauty Bar – Las Vegas, NV w/ White Wizzard
1/13 - Karman Bar – San Niguel, CA w/ White Wizzard
1/23 - Slidebar – Fullerton, CA w/ Michael Angelo Batio and Deathriders (feat. Neil Turbin)

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    December 07, 2017

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