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The Atomic Bitchwax Debuts New Song “Hippie Speedball”

The Atomic Bitchwax Featuring the powerhouse rhythm section from legendary space lords Monster Magnet, The Atomic Bitchwax plays balls-to-the-wall rock 'n' roll that smashes space rock and proto-metal into a towering celebration of the riff. The New Jersey power trio (aka TAB) will release its seventh full length LP, Force Field, on December 8 via Tee Pee Records. In advance of the record's release, Invisible Oranges premieres the record's lead track, "Hippie Speedball", adding, "The song comes and goes like a Camaro shot out of hell". Rock The Atomic Bitchwax's "Hippie Speedball" here.

Additionally, Metal Injection premieres the new Atomic Bitchwax track "Houndstooth", calling the razor-sharp cut "High-Energy, Riff-Stuffed Rock" and TAB, "hands down the most criminally underrated rock band out there.". Crank up The Atomic Bitchwax's "Houndstooth" here.

Recorded at the Freakshop in Keyport, NJ , mixed at The Panic Room in Ocean, NJ and mastered by Alan Douches (Chelsea Wolfe, Tombs, The Obsessed), The Atomic Bitchwax's high energy, scale-based guitar mangling hits astronomical levels on Force Field, with full stack amps pushing out dangerous levels of blown-out metallic mayhem. An awe-inducing tumult of head-down forward drive and top tier hard rock, Force Field mashes Sci-Fi and Hi-Fi, rocketing The Atomic Bitchwax into the outer reaches of the modern day heavy music universe.

Track listing:

1.) Hippie Speedball
2.) Earth Shaker
3.) Alaskan Thunder F*ck
4.) Shocker
5.) Crazy
6.) Fried Dyed And Layin To The Side
7.) Shell of a Man
8.) Houndstooth
9.) Tits and Bones
10.) Humble Brag
11.) Super Highway
12.) Liv A Little

Pre-order Force Field at THIS LOCATION.

Since its formation in 1993, THE ATOMIC BITCHWAX has inspired hundreds of developing rock and metal bands, but no group of musicians has come close to matching TAB's unique style of fun, frenetic and formidable rock and roll. Featuring bassist/vocalist Chris Kosnik and drummer Bob Pantella (each also of MONSTER MAGNET) alongside shred-tastic gunslinger Finn Ryan, the band has perfected its unique style of hard rock that High Times appropriately tabbed, "thunder-boogie" and Noisey has hailed as "designed to be blasted out of a drop top Camaro". Follow THE ATOMIC BITCHWAX on Facebook.

THE ATOMIC BITCHWAX is available to speak with interested media. To chat with the band and/or request a review copy of Force Field, simply contact Carl Schultz at ACTION! PR.

"Rhythm section of Jersey stoner icons Monster Magnet, Long Branch’s Atomic Bitchwax have plowed the trenches of acid metal for nearly two decades...balls-to-the-wall energy through sharp songcraft to blast away limits on what a power trio can do. " - THE AUSTIN CHRONICLE

“Super Stoner Rock” Jersey boys Atomic Bitchwax shine with “gargantuan riffs and jaw-dropping psych sonics"...required listening for any heavy-metal of the heaviest and grooviest stoner metal bands to plug in and turn it up.” - SAN DIEGO READER

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    December 05, 2017

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