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FUNERAL CHANT1 American death metal cult Funeral Chant stream the entirety of their self-titled debut album. Originally self-released on cassette and quickly selling out, Caverna Abismal Records - in conjunction with Duplicate Records - will be reissuing the album on CD and vinyl LP formats on November 30th internationally.

Funeral Chant hail from Oakland, California. They self-released their crushing debut album earlier this year digitally and on limited-edition cassette. Caverna Abismal then stepped in with Duplicate to release the album in a wider edition on both CD and vinyl.

Says of Funeral Chant, "In its pure unchained violence and its raw, corrosive sound, the album strikes with shudderingly powerful force. The music’s rampaging pace rarely relents, and the feeling of wild, orgiastic abandon persists from beginning to end as well...However, what really sets Funeral Chant apart from the throngs of bands perpetrating seething, murky, black/death metal abominations is the combination of technical skill and adventurousness they display in their murderous work. And fortunately, despite the feral, lo-fi production quality of their debut, those head-spinning qualities still come through clearly enough to give most listeners bugged-out eyes, dropped jaws, and maybe rivulets of gasping slobber...In a word, this is fantastic."

Hear for yourself exclusively here.

Preorder info can be found HERE.

Tracklisting for Funeral Chant's Funeral Chant
1. Spiral Into Madness
2. Cacophony of Death
3. Flood of Damnation
4. Cosmic Burial
5. Morbid Ways
6. Funeral Chant

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    December 03, 2017

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