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PERPETRATÖR set release date for new Altered Beast album

PERPETRATÖR On January 31st, 2018, CAVERNA ABISMAL RECORDS is proud to present PERPETRATÖR's highly anticipated second album, Altered Beast.

Featuring current members of Filii Nigrantium Infernalium and Ravensire as well as ex-members of The Firstborn and Omission, PERPETRATÖR are both a summation of their membership and a sharp deviation from it. They proved as much with their unrelenting 2014 debut album, Thermonuclear Epiphany, which displayed a power-trio poised for detonation into the outer stratospheres of old-school Teutonic thrash metal.

Once again, PERPETRATÖR come back harder and stronger with their second album, Altered Beast. Aptly titled, Altered Beast takes all the rudiments of the band's celebrated debut - seamless propulsion, immediately memorable songwriting, and wily execution that's simultaneously sharp and loose - and upratchets everything to 11! Robust and more rounded production drags PERPETRATÖR's attack out of the underground and into the big leagues whilst not dulling the pure, fist-in-the-face diabolism and debauchery that originally ingratiated the band to diehards worldwide. Likewise, the songwriting has gone from "immediately memorable" to "obscenely catchy," as each of these 11 speed-screeds becomes an anthem in their own, respective right, inciting both fury and fun, mania and manna. And with enviable ease, a sort of mesmerizing magic, PERPETRATÖR simply fires off one blistering beast after another, all making for a true Altered Beast!

You might've already experienced a Thermonuclear Epiphany, but with Altered Beast, PERPETRATÖR indeed prove that the second strike is deadliest!

Rick - vocals, bass
Paulão - guitars
Marouco - guitars
Ãngelo Sexo - drums (session)

Band contacts:
Website: HERE!

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    November 30, 2017

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