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Faceless Burial announce Jan 19th release of "Grotesque Miscreation"

Faceless Burial BLOOD HARVEST RECORDS is proud to present FACELESS BURIAL's highly anticipated debut album, Grotesque Miscreation, on CD format. This release precludes FACELESS BURIAL's next album, which will be released on all formats by BLOOD HARVEST.

Originally released digitally and on limited-edition vinyl during the autumn of 2017, Grotesque Miscreation largely introduced FACELESS BURIAL to the worldwide underground following a debut demo in 2015. Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, FACELESS BURIAL are a power trio of unimaginable death metal might. Theirs is an unremittingly dark and dexterous sound which draws in a variety of death metal traditions: the gooey grind of early '90s Finland, the spiraling surge of classic Tampa, the bazooka-blown fury of old Brazil, the atonal angularity ushered in by Immolation, and the cacophonous caverns traveled by Incantation.

And yet, with this wealth of influence and a heaving foundation on which to stand, FACELESS BURIAL exude a charisma all their own. Largely, it comes down to the songwriting itself; forever twisting and never stagnating, each song reveals new corridors through which to spelunk, and efficiently. It's no so much a restless blast through scattershot ideas as it is an endlessly malforming entity making rude shapes - truly, a Grotesque Miscreation. And that's to say nothing of the utterly powerful production, which is both death metal classicism to a T and an absolutely skillful balance between clear 'n' cutting and murky 'n' malodorous.

Missed the original introduction to FACELESS BURIAL the first time around? No better time, then, to behold their Grotesque Miscreation!

Preorder info can be found HERE!

Band Website: HERE!
Blood Harvest: HERE!

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    November 20, 2017

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