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MASS DESTRUCTION MASS DESTRUCTION METAL FEST in partnership with A. RIPPIN’ PRODUCTION is scheduled to start later this week on November 3rd & 4th, 2017. Announced bands include: DEMONCY, MACABRE, ACHERON, PROFANATICA and NOCTURNUS AD.

Full lineup at this location HERE!

“The goal from the onset was to bring a diverse lineup within the parameters of ‘Black and Death Metal’ home to the Atlanta fans.” said Cody Martin, Co-Organizer. “Not everyone can travel the lengthy distances to other locations and partake in these experiences—now the south east region has extreme metal within driving distance!”

Tickets for MASS DESTRUCTION METAL FEST are $75 for a two-day pass, $45 for a single-day pass ($50 day-of-show) and can be purchased via Ticket Alternative or the Center Stage box office. Doors on November 3rd are at 5:00 PM EST and November 4th are at 4:00 PM EST. This is an all ages event.

Friday 11/3 - Doors at 5:00
5:30 - Tombstalker
6:20 - Sacrocurse
7:15 - Encoffination
8:15 - Demonic Christ
9:20 - Nocturnus AD
10:30 - Profanatica
12:00 - Macabre

Saturday 11/4 - Doors at 4:00
4:30 - Sadistic Vision
5:20 - Embalmer
6:15 - Abazagorath
7:15 - Morbosidad
8:15 - Brutality
9:20 - Deceased...
10:30 - Acheron
12:00 - Demoncy

For more information visit HERE!

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    November 01, 2017

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