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NAIOTH releases details of new album “Transhuman Communication”

NAIOTH Chilean progressive metal band Naioth is announcing the release of its new album “Transhuman Communication” on 11/3 via Digmetalworld Records in North America.

The band have created a pre-order link on its Bandcamp page HERE!

Check out the lyric video for the self-title track right here.

The album was recorded at IFM Studios and the drums at Rec Música Studios in Valparaiso, Chile. Mixed and Mastered by Ignacio Figueroa and all the pre-production (Midi) by Felipe Cuevas. The art work was designed by Manuel Alarcón and all the animations by Claudio Abarca. The album also have Rayna Lawson (Metal Nation Radio) as a guest vocals on some of the tracks.


1. Samsara
2. The Ultimate Lie
3. Sublimation
4. Fathers Of The Race
5. Universe
6. Wicked Fortress
7. Transhuman Communication

Naioth is:
Ignacio Figueroa - Vocals, Guitars.
Paulo Becerra - Guitars
Matías Iturra - Bass
Tomás García - Drums

About the band: Naioth is a progressive metal band from Viña del Mar, Chile. Its first album is entitled "Dance Of Light" released in 2012 via Digmetalworld Records, which had an excellent reception by the press and the public in general as well as several releases shows, after some band members changes, the band begins to work on his new album titled "Transhuman Communication" demonstrating a more mature and evolved sound of the band, mixing many Latin and metal influences and more complex lyrics, the band manages to achieve its own sound that differs from the other bands of the genre.

Find more information about Naioth below:

Facebook: HERE!
Twitter: HERE!
Instagram: HERE!
Naiothband: HERE!

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    November 01, 2017

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