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Out Now! NERVCAST Debut EP "Locked And Loaded"

NERVCAST Out now! Toronto, ON's NERVCAST unleash their debut EP "Locked And Loaded" available as of October 21st via their bandcamp HERE! Just as the title describes, this EP introduction from the band is full of four hard hitting tracks that are catchy and have lyrics that are relevant. The EP was mastered by Joey Sturgis (Asking Alexandra, The Devil Wears Prada) plus produced/engineered by Collin Young (Animal Faces, Godstopper, Yonder Peak) and captures the band's love for classic rock while maintaining today's standard in modern production. In addition to the EP's release, NERVCAST announce they will be performing a series of Ontario dates (dates listed below).

The band's music video for their single "Fallen Angels" can be viewed here.

Show Dates:
Oct 21 - Toronto, ON - Bovine Sex Club (CD Release Show)
Oct 27 - Hamilton, ON - The Doors Pub
Nov 8 - Toronto, ON - Cherry Cola's
Dec 15 - Toronto, ON - Hard Luck Bar

Track Listing
1. Chemical Solution (3:59)
2. Fallen Angels (3:52)
3. Moonstruck (3:32)
4. Locked And Loaded (3:31)
EP Length: 14:57

EP and Live Band Line Up:
Everett Mason - Vocals and Guitar
Kevin Daliri - Guitar
Galen Weir - Bass
Matthew Humphreys - Drums

For More Info: HERE!

"you need to seriously check out Nervcast’s debut EP “Locked And Loaded” due, out on October 21st. The EP is mastered by Joey Sturgis (Asking Alexandra, The Devil Wears Prada) and produced/engineered by Collin Young (Animal Faces, Godstopper, Yonder Peak). If you’re fans of classic Metallica, this one is going to make the hair on the back of your neck stand up.
" - The Junction UK

"Canada’s Nervcast show a lot of promise on this self-released excellent introduction to a band I’m certainly looking forward to keeping tabs on." - Sentinel Daily

"Nervcast have shown their claws and they are young and sharp with a lot of steel" - All About The Rock

"A straight-forward 4-track EP that is bringing the riffs to the heavy metal party. Playing a blend of thrash, speed & traditional heavy metal, Nervcast bring a lot of excitement with fast rhythms, squealing vocals & winding guitar solos." - Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

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    October 24, 2017

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