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FUNERAL CHANT announce Nov 30th release of self-titled demo

Funeral Chant Caverna Abismal Records is really proud to announce that is going to release the long-awaited FUNERAL CHANT's demo on LP and CD formats, previously released on tape and completely sold out now.
Crushing Death/Black Metal from Oakland, California.

"You can clearly tell that within the dark and unsettling chaos of Funeral Chant‘s music there is a strong alchemy going on, and that a primordial fire burns bright within this band, shaping music that is refined, sophisticated, yet incredibly lawless. Coming to life through a lo-fi, raw, and disembodied recording quality are six songs which harness immense destructiveness and which are yielded by primitive and evil intents. As soon as you hit play on this fucker, the EP instantly charges forth at reckless speed literally assaulting the listener. There is some serious musicianship shining through the slim crevices of tightly woven chaos they summon – a swirling and murky hell of blind abjection that simply refused to recede or come to its senses. Overall, Funeral Chant‘s is spectacular and timeless music which shows an admirable adherence to an ancient and glorious tradition as well as a modern and very personal approach to creating highly hateful, raw, and antihuman heavy metal".

Cruel Force: drums
Doom of Old: guitar
† Voidbringer: vocals, guitar
Vomitor: bass guitar

All music written by Funeral Chant in 2014 and 2015, except Morbid Ways by Repugnant.
Recorded by Justin Divver in 2016.

To be released in cooperation with Duplicate Records.

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    October 22, 2017

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