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CAUSE & EFFECT CLEVELAND - Acclaimed rock critic and controversial host of The Classic Metal Show Chris Akin has authored his latest book CAUSE & EFFECT: MOTLEY CRUE due November 24.

"MOTLEY CRUE '94 has been the subject of conversation with so many people in my life," states Chris Akin "since the day it was released back in March of '94. That has never waned. Even after all this time, there are people with such hard opinions of it one way or the other. For me, writing CAUSE & EFFECT: MOTLEY CRUE allowed me to share thoughts and feelings about this monumental release with a larger portion of people that still care after all this time. Whether it's remembering personal stories that many of these songs had or revisiting the history of MOTLEY CRUE in their most tumultuous moment, CAUSE & EFFECT: MOTLEY CRUE allowed me to share the experience of one of my all-time favorite releases with the masses."

Chris Akin continues his series of cause/effect books. "The first was about Metallica's BLACK album, said Akin. "The other titles I'm working on are about Judas Priest's TURBO, Megadeth's RISK and Nine Inch Nails' THE FRAGILE. I wanted to write these to profile releases that changed something dramatically. With the BLACK album, it changed not only Metallica's fanbase, but how heavy music was played on the radio. With the second book in the series MOTLEY CRUE, it divided the fanbase, as well as leading all their contemporaries down a path that failed nearly all of them. That said, with this album, it's my favorite thing that says "MOTLEY CRUE" on the cover. I think the public just got it wrong with this one."

Pre-Orders for CAUSE & EFFECT: MOTLEY CRUE are available in various packages:

Paperback - $7.99
Audio (download)
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RELEASE DATE: November 24, 2017

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    October 18, 2017

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