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VASSAFOR premieres 'Illumination Of The Sinister'

VASSAFOR The sonic occultists from New Zealand, VASSAFOR, are unveiling a second mesmerizing track taken from their forthcoming full lenght album "Malediction". This monstrous piece of pure darkness (11 minutes !), entitled "Illumination Of The Sinister", is now premiering via Bandcamp.

"Malediction" contains five devilish creations :

01. Devourer Of A Thousand Worlds
02. Emergence (Of An Unconquerable One)
03. Elegy Of The Accurser
04. Black Winds Victoryant
05. Illumination Of The Sinister

The magical artwork was crafted by David S. Herrerías (NIGHTBRINGER, AKHLYS) and can be viewed above.

"Malediction" is scheduled for release on October 13th (October 20th in North America) through Debemur Morti Productions on CD and digital. The vinyl edition will be released by Iron Bonehead Productions. A t-shirt is also available for pre-order.

VASSAFOR is the sound of the space between the stars, the howling void into the abyss, the silence outside of time….

While the physical presence formed in Southern Abyss in mid nineties, the Vassaforian dreadnaught awakened fully in MMIV. A 2nd demo tape (MMIV), a 7" EP (MMV) and the self titled release (MMVII) were released until the modern configuration was achieved in MMX. Since that time Satan has blessed VASSAFOR with the 2 song Promo MMX tape, followed by the debut dLP "Obsidian Codex" in MMXII. A split LP with NZ veterans SINISTROUS DIABOLUS and another with TEMPLE NIGHTSIDE entitled "Call of the Maelstrom" have led up to MMXV and the 3CD set entitled "Invocations of Darkness", the first offering via Debemur Morti Productions that collects all the post-MMX recordings from the Vassaforian Temple on CD for the first time.

Join us in our the death

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    September 28, 2017

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