Exclusive Interview With WEEDEATER!

Weedeater I had the distinct pleasure of hanging out with and interviewing, WEEDEATER, one of my favorite bands. These guys are indescribably entertaining to watch perform live. The stunning back beat groove coming off the drums. The mind numbing tone and fuzz coming off of both Shep's Guitar and Dixie's wildly elevating bass banging. It would not be right for me to not give mention of Dixie's fantastic on stage antics and devil may care sense of humor. The loudness of the toxic fuzz tone dynamite is so infectious that the beer bottles sitting on the tables start to vibrate onto the floor and the windows start to buckle on the back beat.

It is indeed a sight to behold and a tonal delight for those that like their cave metal served to them straight out the bottle. I greatly admire that these guys allow themselves to get into a zone that is all their own and they are not afraid to just be themselves. After the show I had the great privilege of sitting down with DIXIE, SHEP, and Carlos (The guy filling in on the drums for the mighty and illustrious TRAVIS OWEN.) They all shared with me in great detail about life on the road, their history, and having a fantastic sense of humor to cope with the ups and downs. It is my great pleasure to present this interview of a band that I can now comfortably call my friends.

-Brian Biggerstaff

Weedeater is:

Dave "Dixie" Collins - vocals, bass
Dave "Shep" Shepherd - guitar
Travis Owen - drums (Carlos filled on this particular show)

WeedEater Online:

Band Website: HERE!
Season of Mist: HERE!
Facebook: HERE!
Bandcamp: HERE!

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Date: Sep 26, 2017
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