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AETHERIAN announce Nov 24th release of "The Untamed Wilderness"

AETHERIAN Melodic Death Metal does not necessarily has to come from Scandinavia. AETHERIAN are one of those bands that stand any competition with the genre pioneers from the North with ease. Formed in autumn 2013, the Greek quartet has only released the EP “Tales Of Our Times” so far, but significantly increased its activities afterwards. With the self-released video of their song "The Rain" in April 2016 the band created, what is called a Youtube phenomenon. This directly leads to the full length debut “The Untamed Wilderness”, which is to be out on LIFEFORCE RECORDS.

This first album offers mature Death Metal songs, which are developed organically and with many shades. AETHERIAN's musicality is distinguished by effective contrasts as well as striking riffs and melodies. A gloomy melancholy accompanies the album, but “The Untamed Wilderness” is by no means sad. The direction is rather confident and expectant. This is the reason, why the songwriting of the Greeks turns out so varied and playful. AETHERIAN celebrate life and dark-tuned creativity. The Death Metal offers all musical liberties, which are necessary. The Athenians know how to take advantage of their opportunity. “The Untamed Wilderness” marks an impressive debut for all fans of melodic Death Metal.


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    September 23, 2017

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