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Bay Area Death Crew ACEPHALIX Stream New Album "Decreation"

ACEPHALIX As 20 Buck Spin prepares to release Decreation, the third LP from California's Bay Area brutalizers ACEPHALIX, Decibel Magazine is now streaming the album early, alongside an interrogation with the gang.

Abnormally deceased since the band's Southern Lord-released Deathless Master five years ago, ACEPHALIX' Decreation was recorded and mixed by Greg Wilkinson at Earhammer Studios (Vastum, Necrot, Ghoul), mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege (Nails, Obituary, Black Breath), and completed with artwork by Adam Burke (Occultation, Loss, Gatecreeper, Artificial Brain).

Decibel Magazine has issued an interview with ACEPHALIX, which is now running with an advance stream of Decreation, the accompanying write-up including in part, "The album's seven songs race past in a thirty-nine-minute blur of high-energy, punk-infused death metal, with intense lyrics to match the intense sounds... The intense lyrical concepts carry through to the album title, which continues with the themes of physicality and how it ties in to spirituality. And, of course, it ain't positive."

Unleash the ravenous beast that is Decreation right here.

20 Buck Spin will release Decreation on CD, and digital formats September 22nd; the vinyl will follow in mid-October. Find orders for merch HERE and stream "God Is Laughing" and "Suffer (Life In Fragments" alongside digital orders HERE.

ACEPHALIX has also created an Apple Music playlist for Decibel, with fifteen tracks focused on the band's influences, and one of their own tracks; subscribers can check it out HERE.

The rotten corpse of death metal horde ACEPHALIX, the Bay Area's beast of barbarism, has been re-animated, and the crushing delivery of Decreation leaves no bone unbroken and no skull intact. Foul American death metal maggotry eating back to life coagulated remains of hardcore's guts. Opener "Upon This Altar" rages with d-beat ferocity morphing into a slithering puzzle of pierced flesh. Primitive savagery pervades on "Suffer (Life In Fragments)" through to the cro-magnon battering of "Excremental Offerings." All the while an obscure weirdness that characterized the idiosyncratic deformities of certain Cannibal Corpse, Nocturnus, and Death moments arises out of the ACEPHALIX tomb.

With each release, the ACEPHALIX horde grows more intense, vicious and bestial. Decreation is the culmination of five years of dormancy, letting loose upon the Earth the calamitous consequence of pent-up wrath. Fans of Vastum, Master, Necrot, Entombed, Discharge, and the Cro-Mags take note.

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    September 23, 2017

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