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VOODUS announce Sept 18th release of

VOODUS VOODUS rose from the ashes of Jormundgand in late 2013. The first recording they did as VOODUS was titled "The Burning Light of Daath". The band was handpicked for the Swedish metal compilation "Critical Mass Vol II", and the song was their first release under the spell of VOODUS.
"NightQueen" and "Blood Rituals"...
2014-2015 was quite intense with a lot of shows along with solid well-known bands such as Mayhem, Ofermod, Mephorash, and more. The first Demo/EP was recorded and released as cassette and CD by Jawbreaker Records (SWE) and Heathen Tribes Productions (Ger/GR).
For what to come....
In the beginning of the summer 2016 they visited Necromorbus Studios to record a EP. They get in contact with with Shadow Records, and a deal was made! The EP "Serpent, Seducer, Saviour" will be released as a 10" vinyl in September 2017. "Serpent, Seducer, Saviour” will also be released on CD including the debut demo "Nightqueen". The aim is now set for doom, destruction, death and the recording of the first full-lenght album!


Band Facebook: HERE!
Shadow Records Facebook: HERE!

1. Path of Hecate
2. Flesh into Spirit
(Playtime: 19:12min)


TF - Vocals and Guitar
EK – Leadguitar
IC – Drums
FS - Bass

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    September 13, 2017

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