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TEMPLE OF EVIL (Cyp) announce Oct 13th release of "The 7th Awakening"

TEMPLE OF EVIL TEMPLE OF EVIL was formed in Nicosia, Cyprus in 2008. Since then, they have been working on their first epos.
Initially independently released in December 2015 (digital format only) the effort was re-released on CD via Deathhammer Records the following year.
Now BLOOD HARVEST is presenting for the first time on vinyl, this ruthless debut album, baptized “The 7th Awakening”. Release date is set to October 13th.

“The 7th Awakening” features eight tracks of pure unadulterated black metal, summoned as an expression of personal meditation in each individual's reanimated inner spirits. Fierce, harsh black metal at first, but showing a melodic, pagan and deeply personal touch after a deeper listening session. Taking us back to a time when the genre was first incorporating these elements.

Bands that come to mind are Rotting Christ, Emperor and perhaps Satyricon, all in their first few inceptions. Yet, with TEMPLE OF EVIL, the emphasis doesn't seem to be on furious blast beats and aggression. Instead, this act focus on a more ritual and atmospheric approach.

The astonishing artwork on this release was manifested by the mighty Khaos Diktator Designs.

1. Initiation 02:39
2. Illvminatio Tenebrarvm 04:53
3. ...on Devil's Wings 05:00
4. Chalice of Impure Blood 08:37
5. The Book of Shadows 05:34
6. Necromancer's Mystical Conjuration 04:50
7. The 7th Awakening 09:49
8. One Last Breathless Sigh for Everlasting Rest 02:00

Line up:
Arkhon Sakrificer - Unholy Chants and 4-String Conjuration (Bass, Vocals)
Nekrocurse - 6-String Thorned Whip and Skeletal Keys (Guitars, Keyboards)
Apethantos - 6-String Morbid Echoes of Necromancy (Guitars)
Angelwhore - Leather of Putrefied Skin (Drums)

Band website: HERE!
Label website: HERE!
Order: HERE!

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    September 11, 2017

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