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WORWS Unleash New Song "Belfast"

WORWS Portland, OR extreme metal band WORWS will release its new album, Truth to Power, on September 22. The follow-up to the band's 2016 debut, Laylines, the impending LP delivers pulverizing crossover that combines grindcore, powerviolence and d-beat with a fever-pitch intensity. Today, Metal Injection premieres the new song "Belfast", adding, "Worws is here to either make you start a circle pit or break your fists as you wildly flail into your surroundings." Blast WORWS' "Belfast" at HERE!

"Belfast" is a war cry against the hanging clouds of crooked politicians and societal woes of a failing system, throwing a wrench into the American political climate," says WORWS vocalist Tony Meuser. "Trying to break down the way we're taught to think and taking it further by calling out the dysfunction we all stand behind in the name of Capitalism."

Truth to Power is also advanced by the record's hammer-drop title track, a violent, lightening-quick assault condensed into pure aggression. Stream WORWS' new song "Truth to Power" HERE!

WORWS' raw sincerity, take no prisoners live show and D.I.Y. work ethic has earned the band a vast loyal following and shows alongside scene stalwarts such as OFF!, Trap Them and Today is the Day. Formed in 2015, the band established a sharp-edged sound and focused modus operandi, attacking societal wrongs and ignorance. With Death, The Wipers and Slayer reigning over their record collections alongside contemporaries such as Ceremony and Defeater, WORWS has waded their way through the oppression of the working class and are here to fight.

Track listing:

1.) Belfast
2.) Lot Lizards
3.) Standing in Place
4.) Love to Hate
5.) Truth to Power
6.) Sheltering Hands
7.) Lights Out
8.) Consumer Bachelor

WORWS features Tony Meuser (vocals), Sean Cisneros (guitar), Dusty Overstreet (bass) and Sean Carter (drums). Follow the band on Facebook HERE!

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    August 25, 2017

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