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Some Band Calling Themselves 'Metallica' Release Samples With Lou Reed

Metallica (2008) I finally realize why Dave Mustaine is fine with the path he's chosen and no longer jealous of Metallica. Metallica has finally given fans a taste of their new collaboration with Lou Reed. Below you can hear the first 30 secs to come out of the much hyped sessions. I wasn't expecting it to be good and they more than lived up to that. Listening to "The View" it is evident that Hetfield and Reed aren't on the same page. Reed is a puzzle piece that doesn't fit with the rest of the puzzle. It is hard to comment on the music with such a small clip, but we can comment on the misaligned vocals of Lou Reed. I really don't understand why Metallica hasn't sued themselves at this point as they themselves are the biggest threat to their financial stability.

The new album "Lulu" will be released on Nov 1.

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    September 19, 2011

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