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Antisect To Release "The Rising of the Lights" October 13th

Antisect True legends never die. One of the most influential of all the bands to emerge from the febrile anarcho-punk scene of the early '80s, Antisect's notoriety and extraordinary impact on the sound of fast, furious and heavy music far outweigh their lowly status in the history books. Emerging from the wave of intensely political punk rock bands that grew from the subversive triumphs of Crass in the late '70s, anarcho-punk always offered more than mere bug-eyed polemic: instead, via records like Antisect's seminal 1983 debut album "In Darkness There Is No Choice," it brought artistic depth and aesthetic focus to a punk scene that was otherwise flailing around in its death throes. A wild and subtly inventive step forward from their first efforts as a more straight ahead hardcore punk band, Antisect's debut is now widely acknowledged as one of the most important punk albums of its time. Meanwhile, the original band's last official release, the two-track "Out From The Void" EP in 1985, brought a more metallic edge to their sound and hinted at heavier and darker things to come. By 1987, however, Antisect had disintegrated and silence reigned, the band's reputation as anarcho-punk legends growing steadily in their absence.

Much to the surprise of just about everybody, in 2011, founding member and guitarist Pete Lyons instigated a full-blown Antisect reunion featuring members of early incarnations of the band and new drummer, Joe Burwood. The revitalized line-up embarked on shows throughout the UK and Europe, and then following another tweak of personnel, the band completed their first US tour. In keeping with the original focus and fire of the Antisect, the current 3-piece incarnation is one of the most stable and committed yet. As showcased on the band's first album in 34 years, "The Rising Of The Lights," the end result is the most powerful version of Antisect to date, with Pete and Joe Burwood now joined by bassist John Bryson, an esteemed former member from the "Out From The Void" days. Finally, the jigsaw is complete.

"For me, it was pointless doing this again if all it was going to be about was some mid-life, half arsed, nostalgia-filled ego trip," says Pete. I am a politicized person and have been since my early twenties and that tends to get reflected in what I do. Consequently I couldn't do this if I didn't feel that the band was still relevant in that context. So I guess a major inspiration was that the band still has something to say that connects with her and now."

32 years on from the release of Antisect's brutally prescient Out From The Void seven-inch, the now revitalized band are reborn in flames of glory on their brand new full-length LP, "The Rising Of The Lights": a startling and absorbing return to action from a band whose inner flame has never stopped blazing. Far from being a docile repeat of past glories, the new Antisect material takes the furious spirit of those early recordings and recasts them in viciously contemporary sonic steel. The end result is an album that thrums and crackles with the electrifying intensity of the anarcho-punk era while packing the kind of jaw-shattering punch that fans of modern heavy music demand. This is punk rock and heavy metal enjoying a new form of intuitive symbiosis: angry, dark music conjured from the ether for the heaviest of times.

"Musically, since 'In Darkness...' we've obviously changed quite a lot," Pete explains. "But, as anyone who saw the band in the later years will probably figure, we're not actually that far removed from where we ended up. A little bit more sophisticated maybe, but still pretty similar, as the inclusion of re-workings of some of the older material on the new LP should illustrate. There'll always be those who would prefer we stayed in the vein of 1985 or whatever, but that's just not gonna happen. I still pretty much believe in the same things I did when the first LP was written, but it would have been a bit crap to simply rehash those lyrical themes, so maybe the content on this one is a little more introspective here and there. But I'm still a political animal.
That's the way it is and I can't really see myself changing now."

The seemingly impossible has become the very real. Antisect return in 2017 with a new album that could hardly be a more righteous soundtrack for humanity's spiraling demise. The spirit of '83 is very much alive and its most potent protagonists are once again kicking doggedly against the pricks.

"The Rising of the Lights" Track Listing:
1. Spirit - Level
2. The Last Ones Standing
3. Weapons of Mass Distraction
4. Acolyte
5. Welcome to the New Dark Ages
6. Rise The Lights
7. Black
8. Something to Hate
9. Scared To Die

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    August 10, 2017

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