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FROM NORTH "From North" are a new Swedish viking metal band founded in 2016 in Varberg Sweden, the music is a mixture of songs with heavy riffs to unadorned songs
with texts taken from the norse mythology consisting of gods, vikings and other beings. The band has a large and dynamic sound that is backed by a large and well-made backtrack consisting of a lot of medieval instruments. The band consists of Håkan Johnsson (singer and songwriter) Mattias Svensson (guitar), Mikael Kindblad (bass) Robin Hermansson (drums), Janne Lüthje (guitar) and Andreas Lindvall (lyrics).

-The members have a long history in music and have connections to items, stormhold, anata, bleed for me, irrbloss, sinisty, zero illusions, years of falling etc.

-Releasedate: 1 SEPTEMBER (1/9-friday) 2017
-Available: CD/DIGITAL
-Musicstyle: viking/folk metal FALLCD035

1.Volund the smith
2.He who hates
3.Last appeal
4.Ship´s tale
5.Mead of poetry
6.Sworn brotherhood
7.The sacred oath
8.Ormr inn langi
9.The catch
10.The longest wait
11.From north

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    August 10, 2017

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