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Exclusive Interview with Adrienne Cowan of Seven Spires!

Adrienne Cowan Few days ago I had the great pleasure of chatting with, whom I believe to be, one of the greatest metal vocalists in Heavy Metal music.

Their publicist states:

"With its new theatrical piece “Solveig”, the female-fronted American band Seven Spires is about to pull off a major coup in the ever-growing symphonic metal scene. This debut album, which is to be released worldwide on August 4th, 2017 via SAOL, indeed succeeds in establishing as of now the four-piece orchestra as an essential figure of tomorrow’s extreme soundscape."

"Solveig": Seven Spires' potent, debut full-length concept album - the journey of a lost soul through a neo-Victorian underworld ruled by an ancient demon. Despite small glimmers of hope, it is a grim tale with a heavy focus on escapism, death, and decadence. With distinct attention to melancholic power metal, melodic death metal, and black metal, these storytellers fuse sounds from across the spectrum of metal with their great love for Romantic composers and film scores. The album is set for release on Friday, but before it is, the band has given you a chance to hear the album in its entirety. Listen to it HERE!

Pre-order the album on iTunes HERE
and Amazon HERE!

Watch the video for the song, "Serenity", from the masterpiece "Solveig".

Adrienne, thank you for your kindness and spending some time with me. Congratulations on a fantastic album! Best wishes to you and the rest of the band.......'Yo Adrienne!!!'. Much love, Brian "Red Baron" Biggerstaff

Check out Seven Spires online:
Facebook: HERE!
Band Website: HERE!
Twitter: HERE!

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    August 03, 2017

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