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Eshtadur stream "Belong to Nowhere"

Eshtadur South American melodic death metal band ESHTADUR have revealed "Belong To Nowhere", another track from their forthcoming album Mother Gray. The track is highly recommended for fans of At The Gates and Carcass.

Watch the new video here.

Mother Gray will be released on August 8th.

Mother Gray Track Listing:

1 - Belong To Nowhere
2 - Plaguemaker
3 - Cornered At The Earth
4 - Desolation
5 - Time Hole To Paris
6 - March Of The Fallen
7 - The Day After I Die
8 - Heavens To The Ground (Bonus)
9 - Last Day Of The Condor (Bonus)
10 - Burning Heart (Bonus)

About Eshtadur

Eshtadur launched in the fall of 2005 with their blazing demo Timo Be Timo with a sound in the vein of At The Gates, Soilwork and Septicflesh. Since then they have released a pair of EP's and a potent duo of albums. Their rich touring history includes performances across Colombia, Peru and Mexico. They have been distributed across the world and even headlined a stage at Rock Al Parque in 2016. As they prepare to unleash their latest creation, Mother Gray upon the world the band is gearing up for their first ever US dates and many more festival appearances!

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    July 29, 2017

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