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Argentine RAPTORE's “Rage n' Fever” is out now.

RAPTORE Raging Argentine heavy metal act RAPTORE was formed in the city of La Plata back in 2012. The lethal throat punching heavy/speed metal squad has so far come up with a demo and a full length.

“Rage n' Fever”, the debut full length was originally released in last year from an Argentine label. Aficionados of old school heavy and speed metal may remain grateful to the German label “Witches Brew” for giving it a worldwide exposure by re-issuing this classic sounding album. The re-issued version will contain two bonus tracks: cover version of Venom’s Witching Hour and Charger’s Desperadoes (a lost but underrated NWOBHM gem).

The album title, artwork and band photos immediately alert the listeners what kind of music they can expect from this juvenile Latin squad; razor-sharp riffs and frenetic solos — supported by energetic pounding bass-drum combo, and commanded by the riotous and high-pitched vocals — have created a sense of aggression which will make one struggle to come to grips with the fact that the music was made in this decade instead of 70s or 80s. Expect a variety of classic style within their tracks, there is room for Accept and early Scorpions influenced heavy metal, speedy elements of Exciter, vibe of 70s rock n roll, thrashy aggression and of course appeal of NWOBHM.

Stream the record HERE!

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    July 26, 2017

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