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TALES OF GAIA return with a new album release this September

TALES OF GAIA TALES OF GAIA has its beginnings in September 2010. In the early days, the band was formed by four members, amongst them already Javi and Ray. During the two first years, the band focused on composing their first songs and trying out the heat of the stage.

In summer 2012, the band ventured to record their first studio song "Standards." Once the recording was over, TALES OF GAIA continued focusing on playing live while preparing new songs that would define their style. They played all over Barcelona for a whole year and gave concerts in places like Razzmatazz 2 or the Necropolis Fest, where they shared stages with other outstanding Spanish bands such as Ankor or Northland.

In autumn 2013, several members of the band abandoned the project. After a well-deserved rest, Javi and Ray came back strong with well-known faces like Sergi Sabater (drums) and Niceto Aguilera (bass guitar).

During summer 2014, the band started preparing their first EP, Breaking Dawn, and in November of that year, they entered Moontower Studios to record the instrumental part. After having tested several vocalists, they decided that Edgar Castro was the right singer for the EP. In January 2015, they went back to Moontower to finish the recordings.

On the 5th of January 2015, Breaking Dawn was released. The EP sold hundreds of copies in different countries of Europe, Asia, and America, having remarkable recognition amongst fans and media. This allowed TALES OF GAIA to strengthen themselves and lay the foundations of their sound. However, after two presentation shows in Terrassa and Barcelona, the formation decided to break ranks with their former singer, Edgar Castro. This caused the interruption of the Breaking Dawn presentation tour and led the band to start looking for a new singer. In June 2015, Néstor Català (Nicte, Rosebad), would join the band as vocalist until the present day.

With their formation complete again, TALES OF GAIA continued the presentation of Breaking Dawn. However, due to Javi’s temporary leave to Germany for study purposes, the band decided to look for a keyboard player and a substitute guitar player. As a result, Miguel Clemente (keyboards) and Óscar Ferrer (guitar) joined the band a few months later. After a short period of time of preparing and adapting the songs with the new members, TALES OF GAIA returned to the stage with four successful shows, the last one already with Javi back on guitar.

Shortly after that, Niceto left the band. From that moment on, his post would be filled by a young talent with large musical experience: the bass player Carlos Leonardo (SMRT, MindCage, Timo Tolkki, Aggression).

One month later, TALES OF GAIA started promoting their future first album, Hypernova, which will consist of four power metal songs and two orchestral intros. Both the artwork and the concept of the record will revolve around the science fiction genre, which unites all band members. One of the most important aspects in this album and in the band’s future path will be progress. The incorporation of a keyboard player to their ranks has allowed the band to renew their sound and to add new compositional elements to their songs that have enriched their wide range of influences, which is noticeable in the album’s concept and music.

In May 2017, the band took an important step forward and signed with FIGHTER RECORDS, their current record company. Shortly after that, they started publishing new material off the album with a very good reception among power metal fans. Up until now, working with FIGHTER RECORDS has meant a giant advance for the band in terms of image, consolidation, and influence.

On the 13th of May 2017, TALES OF GAIA opened for Dünedain, one of the most important Spanish power metal bands at the moment. Due to the importance of the show, several major media in Spain’s metal scene reported on the band’s performance.

Several months later, on the 2nd of June 2017, the band published “Keep the Dream Alive,” the first single from the album, which had a very good reception among the fans and reached more than 7000 views on YouTube. As a second foretaste of the record, on the 4th of July 2017, they published “Flamma Ardet,” the second single from Hypernova, along with a five-minute-lyric video combining the science fiction concept in the album with a fast, powerful rhythmic base and a wide variety of melodic elements.

The band is currently reaching the finish line of the promotion of Hypernova, which will be out on the 4th of September 2017.

Néstor Catalá – vocals
Raúl Moriana – guitars
Javi Carrillo – guitars
Carlos Leonardo – bass
Miguel Clemente – keyboards
Sergi Sabater – drums

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    July 12, 2017

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