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Photos Released From Inside the hotel room where Chris Cornell committed suicide

Chris Cornell in Red Light What happened in the moments after Chris Cornell's frantic wife called his bodyguard to check on him have been released in a lengthy investigative report that details the singer's suicide, including the 911 call made by a hotel employee.

In the chilling emergency call a MGM employee is telling the 911 operator that the guest hanged himself and they were trying to start CPR. Additionally 74 photos were released Tuesday from the crime scene inside his hotel.

chris cornell suicide sceneCornell's lifeless body was found by his bodyguard Martin Kristen who went to check on the Soundgarden frontman after his wife Vicky Karayiannis called- unable to get a hold of him. Kristen kicked open the main door to his room at the MGM Grand and then the interior.

The Wayne County Medical Examiner's Office had already ruled Cornell's death a suicide by hanging.

Police also determined the singer's death to be a suicide after they received the autopsy report, a police spokesman said, confirming their original assessment of the scene.

chris cornell suicide sceneThe several week investigation culminated in the documents that were released today and provided a complete picture about the series of events that followed before and after Cornell's death.

On Tuesday, as part of the investigation, images were released. In total there were 74 photos from the hotel scene, including the blood-splattered bathroom, pill bottles of prescription medication Cornell was taking, and the broken door jam from the bodyguard's forced entrance.

chris cornell suicide sceneThe time of the call is 12:56am May 18 2017
911: Detroit 911 what is the address of the emergency?
MGM employee: 1777 3rd street the MGM Casino
911: Tell me exactly what happened
MGM: I have a non responsive guest in the hotel, it’s a 50-year-old male in room 1136
911: Ok, non-responsive hes not breathing?
911: Is anyone doing CPR?
*at the hotel in the background someone says ‘hanged himself’
911: Did they start CPR?
MGM: They found out that the guest was attempting to hang himself, so they are trying to get him down so they can assist with CPR
911: Ok ill request units

chris cornell suicide scene

chris cornell suicide scene

chris cornell suicide scene

chris cornell suicide scene

chris cornell suicide scene

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    July 12, 2017

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