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Theatrical Metallers SEVEN SPIRES Show Off Their Melo-Death Face With "Serenity"

SEVEN SPIRES After the bad ass rockin' "The Cabaret Of Dreams", the power metal hymn "Stay" and the blackish "The Paradox", US theatrical metal outfit SEVEN SPIRES show off another new face with "Serenity" and prove that they are far away from having reached their musical boundaries. This time the highly talented four-piece deliver a modern melodic death cocktail accentuated with subtle symphonic arrangements:

"We wanted to write something moshable, straightforward, and catchy," says vocalist Adrienne Cowan, "but more importantly, 'Serenity' is a song about the fear of pain, and the lengths people will go to escape it."

SEVEN SPIRES' new concept album "Solveig" will be available worldwide on August 4, 2017!

The "Solveig" track listing reads as follows:
1. The Siren
2. Encounter
3. The Siren (Reprise)
4. The Cabaret of Dreams
5. Choices
6. Closure
7. 100 Days
8. Stay
9. The Paradox
10. Serenity
11. Depths
12. Distant Lights
13. Burn
14. Ashes
15. Reflections

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    July 08, 2017

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