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Oculus BLOOD HARVEST RECORDS in cooperation with REGAIN RECORDS is proud to present the highly anticipated debut album of pan-international entity OCULUS, The Apostate of Light. With members spread between the USA and Europe, OCULUS was spawned from the mind of Nero and then perfected by the minds of both Kozeljnik and Ormenos. Both esteemed musicians prior have played in The Stone, Borgne, Deathrow, Enoid, and Ophidian Coil. Ormenos contributed drums, bass, and keyboard samples while Kozeljnik contributed lyrics and vocals. The band was meant to illustrate their idea of what black metal was to them and the darkness within, as well as anti-Christian themes.

And indeed they do on The Apostate of Light, which is set to be released on CD, vinyl LP, and cassette tape formats by BLOOD HARVEST. Heaving and hulking and yet emitting a wealth of nuance and especially atmosphere for something so spiraling and gnarly, OCULUS create a dissonant and chaotic experience that nevertheless manages a palpably linear flow. Orthodox black metal in the most classic sense, The Apostate of Light verily illuminates every crypt-dark passage with the blinding light of Lucifer. That the album was written in 2014 and yet still sounds timeless in any era is all the more remarkable. Behold The Apostate of Light with OCULUS!

Catalogue no: YOTZ#2017-010

1. The Sour Waters of Life view
2. Salt for the Healer 08:25
3. A Visage of Dark Remembrance view
4. Axiom of the Plague view
5. The Apostate of Light view
6. Storms of Havoc

Line up:
Nero - Guitars
Ormenos - Drums, Bass & keyboard/samples
Kozeljnik - Vocals

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Date: Jul 08, 2017
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