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Former Obscura Fretless Guitar Savant will Blow your mind. Attached Video

Entropy of Chaos and Salt Cover Art.  NYN is releasing a new album on August 11, 2017. The album is called "Entropy of Chaos and Salt" and Features world renowned ex-Obscura fretless guitarist Fountainhead (live for Defeated Sanity, live for Nader Sadek) and keyboard/synth virtuoso Jimmy Pitts (Pitts Minneman Project, Eternity’s End, Equipoise, Virulent Depravity) on all of Entropy: Of Chaos and Salt alongside multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and founder Noyan Tokgozoglu.

Entropy: Of Chaos and Salt Album Info. Summary

Active since the mid-2000's, progressive/technical death metal outfit NYN have released multiple high-quality efforts to date. The project comes from the mind of Virginia-based multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Noyan Tokgozoglu. Eager to raise the bar further, Noyan has joined forces with renowned guitarist Tom "Fountainhead" Geldschläger (ex-Obscura, live for Defeated Sanity, live for Nader Sadek) and keyboard/synth legend Jimmy Pitts (Pitts Minneman Project, Eternity's End, Equipoise) to create the strongest and most ambitious NYN release to date on the group’s upcoming album, Entropy: Of Chaos and Salt. Set for release on Friday, August 11th through Vmbrella.

NYN mastermind Noyan had the following to say about the album and the musicians on it:

"NYN was conceived as a solo project, but I've always wanted to do more with it. When I met Jimmy and Tom, I knew that I had to work together with them. I've been a fan of both of their work throughout their careers, and felt that their talent would help me take the technical death metal sound I had to the next level. Jimmy and I met at an unassuming diner to plan it all out, then I contacted Tom, and the vision was born. Jimmy took my demos and added layers upon layers of keys to them, and Tom played some of the craziest solos I've ever heard, and with their help we created an album unlike anything before - fast, complex and adventurous. With Entropy: Of Chaos and Salt, my aim was to be challenging both musically and conceptually. We all pushed our creativity and technicality to the next level. "

*NYN is now available for interviews. Please shoot us an email if you have an interest in speaking with the group.

The first single is now live and can be viewed here:

Pre-orders for Entropy: Of Chaos and Salt are now live HERE

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    July 03, 2017

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