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July Releases: Prong, Decapitated, Melvins, Edguy, Decrepit Birth, Alice Cooper and Many More

July New Releases Day Artist Album

7 Aborted Bathos

Decapitated Anticult

M.O.D. Busted, Broke & American

Melvins A Walk with Love and Death

Mr. Big Defying Gravity

Orden Ogan Gunmen

14 Boris Dear

Dayseeker Dreaming Is Sinking /// Waking
Is Rising

Ded Mis•an•thrope

Edguy Monuments (compilation album)

Integrity Howling, for the Nightmare
Shall Consume

21 Decrepit Birth Axis Mundi

In This Moment Ritual

Pathology Pathology

Projected Ignite My Insanity

To Speak of Wolves Dead in the Shadow

Wintersun The Forest Seasons

26 Adagio Life

28 Alice Cooper Paranormal

Byzantine The Cicada Tree

Callejo Fandigo

Make Them Suffer Worlds Apart

Masterplan PumpKings (covers album)

The Midnight Ghost Train Cypress Ave.

Oceans Ate Alaska Hikari

Prong Zero Days

Rage Seasons of the Black

Rex Brown Smoke on This...

Rings of Saturn Ultu Ulla

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    June 28, 2017

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