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New Interview with Disturbed Bassist Here

Disturbed DISTURBED bass player John Moyer was recently interviewed by IndiePower, where Moyer spoke about the band's future plans:

"We just finished a fourteen-month run off of 'Immortalized'. The next thing I'm looking forward to is a little bit of a break. But, you know, the game plan is yet to be decided."

He continued "That's what we've always said: It's okay to take a break and let people miss us," Moyer explained. "Granted, we took a five-year hiatus, which is a little long. I don't think we wanna do that again. And it's chance you take, 'cause if you wait too long, it could be risky, 'cause you don't know if your fanbase is gonna stay there and be there when you come back. And, man, it worked out great. We came back stronger than ever. Fans of ours that had never seen us before, they had been listening to us for three or four years… There's fans of DISTURBED that started becoming fans in their freshman year of high school and didn't get to see us until after they graduated, but they had been listening to songs; it was part of their life, the soundtrack to their life. And so not only did DISTURBED come back and have the blessings of our old fanbase who were missing us but then all these new fans who had never seen us and been turned on to us over the last three or four years that we had been gone were there too. It was pretty powerful."

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    June 01, 2017

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