Iron Maiden Drummer Talks “The Book of Souls”

Nicko McBrain recently spoke to Planet Rock’s Paul Anthony about Iron Maiden’s “The Book of Souls” European Tour, which began on April 22nd in Belgium.

Check out audio of the interview below:

"The first [show in Belgium] was a little bit nerve-wracking, 'cause we hadn't played to a live audience in over six months so it's always… the adrenaline's pumping through the veins and it's, like, 'Oh, gosh, I hope I don't mess this bit up. Oh, I did. Okay!' You know, but you just get on with it."

He continued: "Obviously, it's just getting back into the motion of the show. You can rehearse all you like sitting in a room going through the set, but as you soon as you get on the stage, it's a totally different ballgame when you've got, like, twenty thousand kids, or ten thousand kids, or ten — [it] don't matter [how many] — sitting outside, watching you. So there's a lot of pressure on the old nervous system… but stress can be good for you too. It can be good stress, because you're out there doing something you love to do. But there's always the professionalism that we all feel about, you know, we wanna go out and do a great show, primarily for us individually as a band, and then for the kids. So there's a lot of pressure on you on those first few shows."

The Iron Maiden “The Book of Souls” world tour is set to return to North America in June, with support from Ghost.

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Date: May 06, 2017
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