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THE SUMMONED Self Release: Sessions June16, 2017

The Summoned Boston Technical Metal quartet THE SUMMONED will release sophomore full-length Sessions on June 16. Sessions is a concept album about the journey through the mind of a troubled mental patient who is struggling to confront his own personal demons through a series of sessions with a psychiatrist. Each individual song resembles those sessions. Whether they’re spastic (to give the feeling of panic the patient is feeling), or offering triggering the epiphany that is his own reality, Sessions is not just an album… it’s an experience.

Often compared to a plethora of bands and genres, THE SUMMONED are no strangers to pushing the boundaries of traditional heavy metal. With technical riffs, head bobbing grooves, sing-along choruses, jazzy interludes, and epic solos, there is always something for the discerning listener to grasp, resulting in a sound that will appeal to a variety of fans.

Sessions was produced by The Summoned and Evan Sammons. The album was engineered, mixed and mastered by Evan Sammons in Belgrade Maine.


Additional Engineering on “Recollection” by Jarred Sullivan
All songs written and performed by The Summoned
All lyrics written by Stephen Thompson and Shaun Murphy
Clean Vocals on “Fractal Patterns” and “Built of Glass” by Shaun Murphy
Orchestration and Synth by Shaun Murphy and Evan Sammons
Artwork and Concept by Joseph Schmalke
Layout by Joseph Schmalke and Stephen Thompson
Logo design by Adam Cutler at Motionless Visions

Track list:
1. The Pendulum Swing
2. Faradic
3. Fractal Patterns
4. The Grave Mistake
5. Built of Glass
6. Vertiginous
7. Primogenial Birth
8. Recollection
9. Satori

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    May 02, 2017

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