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GHOUL: The Masked Mutants Of Creepsylvania Announce The Return Of Hang Ten

The masked mutants from Creepsylvania, GHOUL, are pleased to sully the masses with a repressing of their critically-adored Hang Ten ten-inch. Hang Ten was originally released (and sold-out) on Record Store Day 2014. But it’s BACK in a limited pressing of 300 on pink splatter wax and 1000 on electric blue.

Hang Ten is a six-track (mostly) instrumental EP featuring guest vocals from Tony Foresta (Municipal Waste, Iron Reagan) as Henchman #1 and the inimitable R.A. MacLean (ex-Deadbolt) as Kreeg, alongside Digestor, Cremator, Fermentor, Dissector, and The Moron Cavern-Shackled Choir. Hang Ten was recorded by Salvador Raya at Earhammer Studios in Oakland (birthing home of Splatterhash, Splatterthrash and Transmission Zero), mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound Mastering and sports cover art by Sean Aaberg of Pork Magazine.

As if that isn’t enough in the way of GHOULish delights, the band will drop the “Wall Of Death” seven-inch upon the masses June 9th! Originally released as part of Decibel Magazine’s flexi disc series, the track “Wall Of Death” adds a dimension to the story line of last year’s Dungeon Bastards full-length. Proclaimed Digestor upon its release “‘Wall Of Death’ is a song that tells a chilling tale of savage dictatorship, brutal oppression, and large-scale unreinforced masonry. Enjoy, won’t you?”

The “Wall Of Death” B-side features “Humans Till Deth,” taken from the ongoing soundtrack to The Humans comic. Created by Keenan Marshall Keller and Tom Neely, the comic is set in the ‘70s and follows a motorcycle gang’s exploits, but with a twist; in this world, the gangs are all apes and actual humans are primitive beasts kept around for sport.

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    April 29, 2017

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