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Amon Amarth Guitarists Give Advice to New Bands In Exclusive Interview

amonamarth In a recent interview with GuitarMania, Amon Amarth guitarists Olavi Mikkonen and Johan Söderberg were asked to give a piece of advice to young bands and musicians just starting out.

Olavi first offered: "Well, first of all, these days, it's gonna be fucking impossible to try to make a living out of it. Especially when you're a new band, that should not be their goal or whatever, because it's really difficult these days. I mean, it's easier for us that we've been around and we already have a name. For a young band, without a record label putting a lot of money and tour support into the band, it's gonna be very difficult. But, of course, you're gonna play as hard as you wanna play, but you should never think that's gonna be your career. But, yeah, do your thing and don't listen too much to other people. Trust yourself and listen to your own… go by your gut feeling."

Johan added: "When I started to play, it was my biggest passion; I only wanted to play music all the time. That's the way it has to be. If you wanna play in a band, [it should be] because it's the best thing you know to do. And the, eventually, if that leads to a career, that's awesome. But you have to have [enough] passion [so] that playing is the main goal."

Watch the full interview with the band below:

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    April 25, 2017

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