Legacy of Emptiness - Over the Past - June 12, 2017

Legacy of Emptiness LEGACY OF EMPTINESS was originally started by Eddie and Kjell-Ivar as a tongue in cheek BM-project called Permafrost back in 1995. A few years later, Øyvind joined on keyboards and the band recorded a couple of demos with this lineup and left the project to bleed out in the early 00's.

In 2010, the band came together and decided that the songs they had left years ago were too good to be left behind, and thus decided to record them properly for,once again, for their own amusement. The result was the self titled debut album containing 5 old tracks and one brand new; it was released in 2011.

The band is unveiling their new chapter as they are to release their sophomore full length ‘’OVER THE PAST’’ via Black Lion Records. All splendidly mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö, one of the biggest inspirations of the band. Dan Swanö even performed Lead guitar on 'Evening Star', final track from the album.

There is no real lyrical concept on this album other than the usual suspects like darkness,hopelessness,void and the odd historical moments. Musically it's the opposite of what the band did on their debut. This time all songs are brand new except for one that they brought along from the 90's, heavily reworked. The cover artwork is based on the song 'Four Hundred Years' wich is about the 'night of the four hundred years' that is a description of the years Norway were ruled by foreign kings. The artist,Alex Tartsus,really caught the nerve in the lyrics and created this masterpiece.

The 09 track album is a journey towards the fantasy realm, where darkness and melody equally reign together.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: To the fans of Carach Angren, Limbonic Art, Dimmu Borgir (Old) etc.

Track - List:
1. Reminisce
2. Despair
3. Angelmaker
4. Into The Eternal Pits Of Nothingness
5. Drawn By Nightmares
6. There -was A Man
7. Four Hundred Years
8. Transition
9. Evening Star

Eddie Risdal - Vocals,Guitars,Programming
Kjell-Ivar Aarli - Bass
Øyvind Rosseland - Keyboards

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Date: Apr 20, 2017
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