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WHITE WARD - Futility Report - May 12, 2017

White Ward How can a band be so fearless, self-assured, creative and fully-formed on their first full length release? WHITE WARD, the young Ukrainian formation, are seriously impressive and their debut album is an instant classic! Listeners are liable to fall in love with this prodigious offering from the first note, captivated by the jazzy vibe, the heart-breaking guitar melodies, the fantastic drumming, the subtle electronics and the seamless use of saxophone. These audaciously written, deeply melancholic soundscapes of night-time urbanity have the touch of genius.

Furious and intimate, exciting and intriguing, "Futility Report" stems from a thoroughly modern vision, an innovative interpretation of Extreme Music which breaks down established codes whilst simultaneously deep -rooted in the obscure history of Black Metal.

"Futility Report" - or the metallic version of ULVER’s legendary "Perdition City" - is a new form of Dark Music, a serious piece of Art far removed from usual clichés and a significant forward step.

Embark on a uniquely fascinating journey and let yourself be enchanted by an ambitious entity with designs on your soul!

WHITE WARD is a band from Odessa, Ukraine performing intense, deviant music with the shade of noir. Formed in 2012 and taking roots in raw depressive black metal the band has expounded its boundaries taking inspiration from noir and neo-noir atmosphere, the books by H.P. Lovecraft and I.M. Banks. All bands' early recordings were included in the "Origins" compilation released in 2016. Exploring themes of borderline death states, deviant afterlife worlds and strange mental disorders, WHITE WARD's sounding varies from instrumental jazz to black, deep and existential despair. After recording the first full-length album "Futility Report" WHITE WARD are signed to Debemur Morti Productions, ready to go much further on their deviant sonic journey.

Andrew Rodin - vocals
Yurii Kazaryan - guitars
Igor Palamarchuk - guitars
Alexey Iskimzhi - saxophone
Andrey Pechatkin - bass
Yurii Kononov - drums

Alexey Sidorenko - lyrics
Vladimir Bauer, Alexandr Smirnov - additional composing contribution

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    April 07, 2017

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