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View Footage from Live Gojira Performance

Gojira (2012) Gojira recently completed the French leg of its "Magma" tour and footage of the first concert can be viewed below:

Gojira's latest recorded effort, "Magma," was released on Roadrunner Records last year.

In a recent interview, Gojira drummer Mario Duplantier told Distorted Sound he was happy with the fan response to "Magma" so far:"Yeah, we are all really happy with it. The most important thing is that we are all happy with the album. We have no frustration, no regrets. We just feel that we needed to make this album. Maybe the next one will be different. We don't know yet, but this moment in our life was really special and this album is a perfect representation of that, and we love it. The reaction was amazing."

Mario also talked about Gojira lead singer Joseph's decision to incorporate more clean vocals into Gojira's songwriting, saying: "On one hand, we want to go deeper with this atmosphere, and Joe really needed to experiment with new things. He's 40 years old and he won't want to scream forever, and he is talented as an artist, so he needed to express this in his vocals. But with the next album, we have no idea — probably we will use clean vocals again, but it's too soon to tell."

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    April 05, 2017

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