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Guerrilla Ghost - Suicide Notes of the 21st Century

Guerrilla Ghost Triple Eye Industries is pleased to announce that they will release Suicide Notes of the 21st Century, by punk/rap/hardcore hybrid GUERRILLA GHOST on April 21 2017. The band is the brainchild of Martin Defatte (Volunteer, Tron Jovi) and Chuck Jones (The Beholder, Import/Exporter) who decided to make a record after bonding over their love of hip-hop.

Defatte‘s production is distinctly modern, but with a razor sharp edge that nods to the early days of gangsta rap. There’s a dissonance to his tracks that clearly draws on his background in Volunteer, as well as a strong and forceful low end that could only come from a member of a rhythm section.

Jones‘ flow is as much of an exercise in syllabic acrobatics as it is outright snotty. Sounding like Danny Brown doing his best Ad Rock impersonation, Jones is not afraid to match Defatte‘s aggression when necessary. This isn’t simply a melding of genres; this is hip hop filtered through the anger and aggression of punk and metal. The result is something propulsive and forceful that demands the listener’s attention.

Guerrilla Ghost is:

C. Jones - Vocals
M. Defatte - Production


1. Applying Binary to Everyday Situations
2. Naked on the Internet
3. Undeserving of a Proper Title
4. Nuclear. Sad. Nuclear.
5. Let’s Get Physical
6. My Heart (The Death Threat)
7. Make AmeriKKKa Great Again (Bonus track)

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    April 03, 2017

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