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Soulskinner (Greece) to Release - Descent to Abandon - May 22, 2017

Soulskinner (Greece) SOULSKINNER was first formed under the name Terra Tenebrae in 1997. The first lineup included Bill (ex-Vanity and Rotting Christ) on guitars, Makis (Necromantia) on bass, and Costas "Dead" (Obsecration) on vocals. With this lineup, the band recorded the very first demo, Masks of Deathly Joy, which included three tracks. After this recording, Gothmog (ex-Thou Art Lord) replaced Costas, and in 1999, the band released the album Subconscious through the Greek label Black Lotus Records. One year later, the band changed its name to SOULSKINNER, taking into consideration that the new name would better fit their lyrical and musical direction, and in 2003 signed a deal with Sleaszy Rider Records and released Breeding The Grotesque. In urgent need of new members, especially a drummer, the band was delayed in releasing their third album, as the right guy did not show up really early.

That third album, titled Non Stop Killing, was released in 2007. Brutal, old-school, and sick are the words to describe it. After a period of rest, experimentation in various tones, and walking the line between past and future, SOULSKINNER decided to follow their own path through the underground. In 2010, they released a split 7" with Vorkreist and, in 2012, the four-way split EP Emissaries of a Profane Advent with Kawir, Nergal, and Embrace Of Thorns.

After a seven-year hiatus concerning a full-length, they returned and signed a deal with XTREEM MUSIC for the release of their third album as SOULSKINNER, entitled Crypts of Ancient Wisdom. Cover artwork was painted by the famous artist Mark Riddick and for sure captured the true essence of the new SOULSKINNER material. From the album release, then new members were added: Spiros Triantafyllou on guitars and Costas Savvidis on drums, both with long experience in the scene with such bands as Nightfall, Septicemia, Obsecration, Mahakala, etc. The band then appeared at festivals and gave many live shows promoting the album. SOULSKINNER shared the stage with bands like Entombed AD, Malevolent Creation, Grave, Avulsed, Varathron, etc, and proved that they're a grandiose band onstage.

In 2015, they released one more split 7" EP with their blood brothers and Greek veteran Obsecration under the title Dominium Regis Funeris, and in 2016 one more split 7" EP with their US brothers Grave Wax under the title Grave of Souls. The same year, Costas Analytis joined the band on bass, and with this lineup, SOULSKINNER entered the studio to record their new album, Descent to Abaddon, which is set to be released on May 22nd, again through XTREEM MUSIC. The cover artwork for Descent to Abaddon was once again created by Mark Riddick.

SOULSKINNER lineup 2017
Gothmog – vocals
Bill Zobolas "EL" – guitars
Kostas Savvidis – drums
Spyros Triantafyllou – guitars
Costas Analytis – bass

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    April 03, 2017

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