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New Album from Dead Earth Politics lives up to Acclaim

Dead Earth Politics Voted Best Metal Band for four years running (Austin Music Awards, 2012-2016), Dead Earth Politics continues to prove their longevity and power.

Now charging forward with their latest release, “The Mobius Hammersmith”, the band’s relentless work ethic is clearly leading to their much deserved recognition and success.

Forged from the soul of the Austin metal scene, Dead Earth Politics is a blade that cuts like no other. Said to easily on any bill ranging from Iron Maiden to Black Sabbath to Lamb of God, they are the band that truly unites sub-genres.

Having marked their tenth year, they continue to relentlessly scribe stellar music - and the sky remains the target.

With passion coursing through their veins and dedication in their hearts, Dead Earth Politics strives for perfection in their craft

“Classic Iron Maiden trades blows with 'Sacrament' era Lamb Of God. Awesome.“
- Metal Underground

"There are very few words that I can use to describe the performance here, which is going to bust your head open like an oncoming fist of herculean might"
- Eric May, New Noise Magazine

“In a world where all seems hellbent against us and the future looks ever more dismal, Dead Earth Politics provide a way forward and give you the strength to carry.”
- Matt Bacon, Two Guys Metal Reviews

“Bang your head proudly when you listen to these guys”
- Hunter Young, Metal Machine

"This is a singular recording that lives of and even exceeds their accomplishments from previous record"
-Kenny Larson, The Gauntlet

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    March 26, 2017

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