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Season of Arrows - Give it to the Mountain drops March 24, 2017

Season of Arrows Doom band SEASON OF ARROWS have left Static Tension Recordings. The band were slated to release their forthcoming album Give it to the Mountain in December of 2016 , but will now release the album via Italian label Argonauta Records on March 24 2016.

The band commented about the signing "We’re very excited to announce today that we have signed with Argonauta Records (Genova, Italy). They are true pioneers in working with awesome underground heavy doom/sludge bands. Our blood, sweat, and tears went into making this record, and it’s always great to see when that effort is rewarded."

The album has already received a ton of critical acclaim from places such as Team Rock, The Obelisk, The Sludge Lord and more!

Please contact Curtis Dewar for interview requests and possible streaming opportunities.

About Season of Arrows:

Season of Arrows are a heavy doom/stoner band from Nashville Tennessee that was formed in January 2014. The band aims to take the sounds of heavy music and blend it with elements about the darker sides of life, almost like a cross between Jefferson Airplane and Black Sabbath.

The band’s self-titled debut album was universally hailed by critics with praise from places such as Metal Forces, Doomed and Stoned and The Sludgelord.

Past praise for Season of Arrows:

“The album is a fantastic debut album that takes influences from a whole range of bands but still maintain their own identity. Season Of Arrows drifts from Doom, Sludge, Stoner Metal with hints of Post-Metal riffs shining through from time to time.”-The Sludgelord

“All in all, this is an impressively strong and ambitious debut record. It successfully blends elements from an array of heavy genres and molds them into something authentically original.”-Sputnik Music

“The drums and vocals both ooze with reverb, giving the whole thing a sense ofspaciousness — as though it had been recorded in an expansive concert hall or auditorium. Those vocals are probably one of the more distinctive aspects of this band, showing off singer Stormie Wakefield‘s versatility in such a way that I suspect she’d feel equally at home on karaoke night with selections from Debbie Harry, Janis Joplin, or Brian Molko.”-Valley of Steel

“Season Of Arrows bring the kind of raw muscle and experimentalism that we need into this doom influenced genre, making for something that is truly unique and an absolute blast to listen to. I definitely recommend it.”-The Grim Tower

Stormie Wakefield, Vocals
Brandon Shepard, Guitar
Dave Gates, Guitar
Shawn Van Dusen, Bass
Brad Lawson, Drums

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    March 23, 2017

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