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Megadeth Hosting Boot Camp

Megadeth Boot Camp WAAF Boston Reports:

Megadeths Dave Mustaine is inviting fans into his Southern California home for a “Megadeth Boot Camp” on March 10-13.

At the camp, Droogies can participate in the following workshops:

Hear the band share on-the-road stories around the fire
Acoustic Megadeth performance
Drum, guitar, and bass lessons
Studio jam of “Symphony of Destruction”
Metal trivia
Wine tastings with Mustaine

The band’s website wants you to “Think of it as the summer camp of your metal dreams!” We can get down with that. Only it is a little pricey, ranging from $999 to $5,499, depending on the package you choose.

But the Grammy-award-winning band wants fans to feel like they’ve truly gotten their money’s worth, Mustaine said in an interview with Rolling Stone. Ultimately, he says, “We want everyone to have fun and enjoy an intimate experience with us and learn a little bit about who we are and what we do.”

I mean, this definitely does sound like the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity the band’s website boasts.

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    March 02, 2017

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